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Services That We Provide

With our Perimeter Mantainace Programs, we will inspect and treat the interior on the initial service, plus treat the exterior for Scorpions, Spiders, Cockroaches and other "doorway" pests. After the initial service, we will return regularly to treat the exterior. 


Though we rarely treat the interior on a regular basis, to keep a lower toxicity inside the home, it is guaranteed for 30 days which means we will treat inside or return for no charge to handle problems that may arise on the inside of your property with included pests.


The recommended frequency of our programs can vary depending on pest pressure and customer expectations. The most popular option we offer is Every Other Month frequency.  Many people also choose to have Monthly treatment cycles. 



A single treatment service with a 30-day guarantee on treatment without any additional obligations. Whatever your problem happens to be, we can tailor a one-time service to fit your needs. 


Most people's home is their largest investment.


Termites cause more damage to homes in the United States than fires and storms combined, yet termite damage is not covered by homeowner policies. That's why requesting a termite evaluation is so important!


If treatment is necessary,

We will custom-tailor a treatment program to best fit your home and your lifestyle. Full treatment or Spot treatment. Drilling or no drilling or wall injection foaming? Many companies utilize only one treatment type and brand of technology to control termites under/in your home. Premier Pest Solutions technicians are trained in all the leading termite pest control methods and can provide all the pest control options out there.

  • Bees/ Wasps

  • Bed Bugs

  • Fleas/ Ticks

  • Pack Rats 

  • Green Pest Treatments

  • Home Pest Exclusions

  • Black Light Scorpions Service

  • Pest control for Restaurants, Warehouses, Schools, Churches, Daycares, Apartments, Businesses, etc...

  • Termite pre-construction or remodel Treatments.

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